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Organisation factory
Our company has been making sales of products other manufacturers during field production. Without taking into account many different methods of production during aflatoxin and microbiological criteria. Southeast of the products exported by the union restructuring process in 1995, the foundations were laid upon the return of the factory.
Also clean the product of our people (alfatoksinsiz) who is worthy to consume, our company is engaged in the production of non-standard products are produced by manufacturers in their field in order to put an end to its factory started to produce in a hygienic environment.
Our company Silk married, silk, extra-thin flakes, crushed red pepper, medium red pepper flakes, chili flakes 4, Chipotle and pepper production.
Which set out the principle of quality service at all times Amanos Pepper, atımıştır to pursue activities in the sector as a result of many years of serious attempts.
Amanos Pepper, serves food in the area.
Our company specializes in the structure of the staff certainly without compromising the principles of service to our customers at the same time produce solutions for all your projects realized.
Amanos Pepper, all kinds of technical infrastructure and staff to solve your problem is.
Amanos Pepper, Trademark Registration and qualification taken by many institutions, a well-recognized and proven quality of the company.
Amanos Pepper, the name of trust and quality guarantee of success.
We as Amanos Pepper, not only the food but also the future of the country's infrastructure and technological services we are aware of the proud to offer the highest quality service.